We give women the SASS to kick life’s ASS, to be BOLD, BRAVE, ARMD, HONEST, to KICK life back with a little PAINT, and a lot of POWER…
SASS – Suicide Awareness Strengths and Strategies
ASS- Altering Stuck States
BOLD – Behavioural Ongoing Lifestyle Developments
BRAVE – Blended Recovery to Abuse and Violence Empowerment
ARMD – Addiction Recovery Massage Developments
HONEST- (Humour and Honesty) Overcoming Negative Embellishments (Satan’s Taunts—-Spirit Triumphs)
KICK – Kainai Individual Cessation Knowledge
PAINT – Progressive Assessment of Individual Needs and Targets
POWER – Proving Other Women Empower Recovery

A Healthy Hope- Wellness Retreat and Reset

Hello my friends: We need help- We need tuition and living- and we need customers-We need you to be an ambassador.

WE have been trying and trying- so now we are opening our corner of paradise and are ready to individuals for the newest outreach.

A Healthy Hope – Wellness Retreat and ResetFor those who struggle with depressions, 6 Big A’sAbuse – Addiction – Anger – Anxiety —Apathy- Avoidance (yes life is full of irony, so we can reach avoidance in a private retreat and getaway in beautiful southern AB)We also still give women the SASS to kick life’s ASS, to be BOLD, BRAVE ARMD, HONEST, and KICK life back with a little PAINT, and a lot of POWER.


Ambassador’s can earn a great commission, so give us email of interest

KING B student fundraiser

In a valiant crazy grace filled way to get back into classes towards the ministry and pastoral care, a very last minute opportunity came my way, to apply and was accepted, into the Diploma of Applied Psychotherapy, giving the (AB) Registered Professional Counsellor designation upon completion towards the Masters of Divinity.

We are proudly introducing and inviting you to Kainai Indigenous Network of Global Business. KING B.

To ensure the school funding we are hosting in collaboration with Nextech AR, a 24/7 virtual marketplace and wish to invite business, craft-masters, suppliers, and service professionals to apply for your hosted booth. Nextech is a Canadian company offering many services across country including AB Health Services.

WE are pleased to be able to offer the marketing not only to southern AB, but globally. We are making arrangement with AB Tourism, Canadian Council Aboriginal Business, AB Chambers of Commerce, and many more that will ensure this is a service that is effective, ensuring a ROI that more than meets your expectations. In serving small business and especially women we hope to strengthen families, and ultimately communities. With online access, we can serve far beyond our local context, bringing together business, professionals, suppliers; all entrepreneurs extraordinary.

In addition we have accessed the licensing for a unique women’s business incubator program of
Money Breakthrough Business Coaching, in which supporting women to start and grow successful business that can change their lives, including the supports they need for e-commerce. This program will last far beyond our immediate school needs and as we grow the benefits continue to make an impact for women far into the future.

It is a inspired tool that we can share and I would love to chat with you about how affordable it is.

Many Blessings
Carol and Garret

More Good NEWS

I am awaiting my student id with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association, and am proudly working toward RPC status and therefore am all ready to offer supervised, Zoom counselling sessions, by donation.
I also extend an invitation to all my contacts and referrals, as we proudly announce that we are hosting a exciting opportunity in todays online economy for our fellow SME and aspiring women entrepreneurs to secure a virtual marketplace booth in our KING B market.
Kainai Indigenous Networking Global Business.
WE invite all interested crafters, suppliers, and service providers to join us in this wonderful new technological outreach.
If you are women and dream of escaping the poverty cycle for your family, and creating your own economy, then inquire now about the Money Breakthrough Business Coaching Packages we ae thrilled to have received the official licencing and training for.

These services almost complete the vision and mission of a lifetime of service to women who struggle with depression and the 5 major A’s of abuse, addiction, anger, apathy and anxiety.

Most of the money earned is supporting school and the continuing ministerial training. The committment to offer the services to women who need and deserve affordable alternatives is only possible through the continued support of all of us.
So thank YOU and many blessings.

Covid Conumdrums

We are now returning to offering our physical care, at our Kainai location. The private treatment space is Covid aligned and a great option if you are on the AHS waiting list.  
As well our Zoom virtual coaching is pleased to have added relational, and client centred education, assessment, and discussion around sexual health status, and the links to holistic health and wholeness. Referrals are available, but there is much that a little knowledge will help untangle common myths. Women’s health and wholeness is linked to each aspect of holistic care and in the safe space we are encircled with Creation’s support.
We continue to welcome women with the S.A.S.S., To Kick Life’s A.S.S., to be B.O.L.D. .B.R.A.V.E. A.R.M.D. H.O.N.E.S.T. and K.I.C.K. life back with a little P.A.I.N.T. and a lot of P.O.W.E.R. The sad reality of increasing depression and anxiety are more prevalent than ever. Take the steps that matter, and reach out for meaningful support and lasting transformation.

Call – email – zoom – or text. Feel AHH, because hope is always healthy.

403- 317-5703

Life is Beautiful

prayers at. work

We see everyone is doubting and challenging God’s work in this current crisis. They say how can us ministers try and say God is answering prayers or even listening -or worse if He or anyone cares. How can I try and sell hope, give hope, create, make and bake hope. I am 54- my birthday and the crisis and the promises of prayers for the ones I have promised is shown here day 4 of a fast and my blood sugars are finally moving down from 8. That is prayer at work in preventing diabetes at least, and that is all prayer is – action and positive energy, and consitent crowding out worry. Yes the motivation for the fast was myself, but that hasn’t stopped the extra fact that my prayers for all are out there. Thanks and have a great day.


Happily we drive along, and CRACK… The first reaction passes and it is time to assess the damage.  I was reminded that our lives are often like that, especially if everything seems to be going smoothly.  Of course as a Christian we are told that we should expect challenges, because they will happen.  As people who are plagued by depression the daily struggles are amplified. 

Physical challenges impact our thoughts and emotions, while the thoughts and emotions, and our spiritual health exert pressure on our physical health.   Bitterness, anger, and all the other negative emotions will continue to happen and we constantly need to be on guard.  So many encourage looking for the positives and often it is another habit that takes practice and perseverance.  It does become easier, and sometimes the light and positive has some natural help.  I credit our Creator but whichever your beliefs are, it remains a remarkable creation that is neither evolution or repeatable science.  Take a look at the picture and give thanks for the “piita” the eagle, highly regarded to give us strength and vision.

I hope that you have a great week, and the positives are easily discernible, because hope is always healthy.