A Healthy Hope- Wellness Retreat and Reset

Hello my friends: We need help- We need tuition and living- and we need customers-We need you to be an ambassador.

WE have been trying and trying- so now we are opening our corner of paradise and are ready to individuals for the newest outreach.

A Healthy Hope – Wellness Retreat and ResetFor those who struggle with depressions, 6 Big A’sAbuse – Addiction – Anger – Anxiety —Apathy- Avoidance (yes life is full of irony, so we can reach avoidance in a private retreat and getaway in beautiful southern AB)We also still give women the SASS to kick life’s ASS, to be BOLD, BRAVE ARMD, HONEST, and KICK life back with a little PAINT, and a lot of POWER.


Ambassador’s can earn a great commission, so give us email of interest


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