A Healthy Hope- Wellness Retreat and Reset

Hello my friends: We need help- We need tuition and living- and we need customers-We need you to be an ambassador.

WE have been trying and trying- so now we are opening our corner of paradise and are ready to individuals for the newest outreach.

A Healthy Hope – Wellness Retreat and ResetFor those who struggle with depressions, 6 Big A’sAbuse – Addiction – Anger – Anxiety —Apathy- Avoidance (yes life is full of irony, so we can reach avoidance in a private retreat and getaway in beautiful southern AB)We also still give women the SASS to kick life’s ASS, to be BOLD, BRAVE ARMD, HONEST, and KICK life back with a little PAINT, and a lot of POWER.


Ambassador’s can earn a great commission, so give us email of interest


KING B student fundraiser

In a valiant crazy grace filled way to get back into classes towards the ministry and pastoral care, a very last minute opportunity came my way, to apply and was accepted, into the Diploma of Applied Psychotherapy, giving the (AB) Registered Professional Counsellor designation upon completion towards the Masters of Divinity.

We are proudly introducing and inviting you to Kainai Indigenous Network of Global Business. KING B.

To ensure the school funding we are hosting in collaboration with Nextech AR, a 24/7 virtual marketplace and wish to invite business, craft-masters, suppliers, and service professionals to apply for your hosted booth. Nextech is a Canadian company offering many services across country including AB Health Services.

WE are pleased to be able to offer the marketing not only to southern AB, but globally. We are making arrangement with AB Tourism, Canadian Council Aboriginal Business, AB Chambers of Commerce, and many more that will ensure this is a service that is effective, ensuring a ROI that more than meets your expectations. In serving small business and especially women we hope to strengthen families, and ultimately communities. With online access, we can serve far beyond our local context, bringing together business, professionals, suppliers; all entrepreneurs extraordinary.

In addition we have accessed the licensing for a unique women’s business incubator program of
Money Breakthrough Business Coaching, in which supporting women to start and grow successful business that can change their lives, including the supports they need for e-commerce. This program will last far beyond our immediate school needs and as we grow the benefits continue to make an impact for women far into the future.

It is a inspired tool that we can share and I would love to chat with you about how affordable it is.

Many Blessings
Carol and Garret