More Good NEWS

I am awaiting my student id with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association, and am proudly working toward RPC status and therefore am all ready to offer supervised, Zoom counselling sessions, by donation.
I also extend an invitation to all my contacts and referrals, as we proudly announce that we are hosting a exciting opportunity in todays online economy for our fellow SME and aspiring women entrepreneurs to secure a virtual marketplace booth in our KING B market.
Kainai Indigenous Networking Global Business.
WE invite all interested crafters, suppliers, and service providers to join us in this wonderful new technological outreach.
If you are women and dream of escaping the poverty cycle for your family, and creating your own economy, then inquire now about the Money Breakthrough Business Coaching Packages we ae thrilled to have received the official licencing and training for.

These services almost complete the vision and mission of a lifetime of service to women who struggle with depression and the 5 major A’s of abuse, addiction, anger, apathy and anxiety.

Most of the money earned is supporting school and the continuing ministerial training. The committment to offer the services to women who need and deserve affordable alternatives is only possible through the continued support of all of us.
So thank YOU and many blessings.

Covid Conumdrums

We are now returning to offering our physical care, at our Kainai location. The private treatment space is Covid aligned and a great option if you are on the AHS waiting list.  
As well our Zoom virtual coaching is pleased to have added relational, and client centred education, assessment, and discussion around sexual health status, and the links to holistic health and wholeness. Referrals are available, but there is much that a little knowledge will help untangle common myths. Women’s health and wholeness is linked to each aspect of holistic care and in the safe space we are encircled with Creation’s support.
We continue to welcome women with the S.A.S.S., To Kick Life’s A.S.S., to be B.O.L.D. .B.R.A.V.E. A.R.M.D. H.O.N.E.S.T. and K.I.C.K. life back with a little P.A.I.N.T. and a lot of P.O.W.E.R. The sad reality of increasing depression and anxiety are more prevalent than ever. Take the steps that matter, and reach out for meaningful support and lasting transformation.

Call – email – zoom – or text. Feel AHH, because hope is always healthy.

403- 317-5703

Life is Beautiful